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General limit of 3 renditions. Product is guaranteed to their specs. It’s more referring to flavor/color/texture changes.

Technical Process Sheet:
(This is a generalized process however it will be tiered to clients request, ie. all-natural, organic, etc)

Formulation Process: 

  •  Begin each flavor with a neutral base of common active ingredients.
  • Evaluate and mask bitter and mineral notes using natural blockers.
  • Add specific flavoring agents to achieve desired taste profiles.
  • Adjust amounts of flavors, citric acid, and malic acid for balance.
  • Thoroughly mix all ingredients for uniform distribution and consistency.

Quality Control:

  • Extract samples at various stages for assessment.
  • Conduct tests for pH, Brix, and microbiology.
  • Perform sensory evaluation for flavor profile and aroma.

Commercialization and Shelf Stability:

  •  Provide manufacturer with recipe and scaling instructions.
  • Ensure alignment with manufacturing capabilities.
  • Conduct shelf stability testing under various conditions (additional cost of 3rd party analytical lab fees)


  • 3 sets of samples per formula for them to test.
  • Fluid spreadsheet with scaling inputs that auto populate batch weights.
  • SOPs
  • Sourcing and purveying of equipment and ingredients list with supplier information.
  • Video/call consultation and training.
  • Consultation with manufacturer to ensure a smooth transition into commercialization, including troubleshooting.
  • Onsite consultation and training with manufacturer (at additional cost)

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